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I have done the core of my background in my hometown Havana Cuba; as non-union does here in Canada, I’ve been the all-in-one man that low budget productions always need (Production Designer/Art Director, Set Decorator and Props Master). Capable of brainstorming and designing all concepts and necessities from a Director, and capable of building and decorating these necessities.

Obsesion sangre

  • How do I work as Production Designer/Art Director.

In Cuba, and in the Spanish-speaking world, Production Designer is called Art Director. This role is what I liked the most. From the scrip I go deep into the characters personalities to develop what I called character’s psychological profile. This allows me to be accurate in the designs of everything that surrounds the character (all visual aspects of the film), from Costume and Set Design to Props and Set Decoration. In this businesses everything has a why, a reason or purpose for which is there in front of the camera. The details of this way or style of work of mine I will keep it for me, and for you while working in your production. But I will give a couple of examples to explain my self. The use of colors and fabric(textures), as well as patterns, in costume and in the upholstery in the furniture of the main character, has for me the same reason to be there, as the briefcase that says the script a businesses man carries. The visuality isn’t an accident, developing a personality in the character is as certain as the historical or local research does. In the same way, having settle a character psychological profile, also allows me to Decorate the Set in the character’s personal way, more personalized instead of being something there that looks like the character may use or may not.

For two years now and adapted to the language and culture, I’m now working as a permit member at IATSE 873 so far for productions like: Defiance, Suits, Bravo 14 (Suicide Squad), The Beauty and The Beast and more. Also with a short film done here last year as an Art Director.

      Art Direction/Production Designer                                                                         Set Decoration                                                                                           Graphic/Drafts

     100_4107                                                 Memory of the Rain.                                            _DSC2552 copia 3

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