• Digital make-up for over 40 images of renowned Cuban artists fro EXIT medium-length film.

Vladimir Cruz 3 copia Reynaldo Montero copia LA casi llora _DSC2552 copia 3

  • Graphic/Draft

Unfortunately just a few drafts I saved after moving to Canada, and having worked against time, so many times. For more Illustrations please go to:

Pre 5 (2) 2-1 1


  • Presentation page of interactive police database created for TV crime series Tras la Huella.                  Poster & Logo Designed for Bro Binny short film.

geely inicial                                                                                                            Untitled-1 copy


  • THEATER: El Banquete Infinito-The Endless Banquet.

Background: El Banquete Infinito-The Endless Banquet-was the subject of my graduation thesis for the Stage Design (Stage, Costume, Light and Makeup design) five-year program of the University of Arts of Cuba. This play, which was written by Alberto Pedro, a well-known Cuban play writer, is to be included in the repertoire of the Teatro de la Luna Company and to be staged using my designs (Stage, Costume, Make-up and Light). I worked with Teatro de la Luna for six and a-half years, until 2013 when I relocated to Canada.

ESCALERA a publico stage 3D images (2) MESAstage 3D images (6)



JerarcaC  AverraraC   PerogrushortParadigma   Viril 2ªD


silla2s frontal ventana2V


  • El Dragon de oro (The Golden Dragon), Posters Release.

SIN diafragma. cartel 3 Rojo-Pink CON letras. cartel 4 cartel 3.1

La Dama del Mar (The Lady of the Sea), Drawings on curtains.

100_9410 100_9408 100_9339

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