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The conceptual work revolves around Many, a character whose story– a combination of Cuban reality and fiction–comes alive through photography.  Many, who used to be an inanimate object, came to life one day. He dwells among Cubans but differently from them, he is not controlled or subdued by the Cuban autocratic regime.  Therefore Many speaks about, and condemns, the lack of fundamental rights in Cuba.

1º de mayo del 2005

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My installation work has arisen from new and old ideas. The character Many and some of my sculptures have provided the soil for new projects to grow and come to be.

  •  … what costs, is awakening. 100 x 40 x 180 cm. . Patina, canvas, iron, rebar and wire. 2004

Lo que cuesta es despertar 1 ...lo que cuesta es despertar (...what is expensive , is awakening)1


  •   Deja vu, variable dimensions. Wood & Wire. 2004


   Déjá vu Déjá vu 1


  •  A rest. 83 x 93 x 92 cm. Iron welded, old newspapers, magazines and personal documents with typical Cuban shirt. 2003.


El descanso


  • Pinocho, (Pinocchio) project installations, variable dimensions. Drawings made with wood on sandpaper; sawdust. 2002

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  • Ellos buscan su sitio. (They search for their place). Variable dimensions, Mixed media. 2002

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