On going

On Going

Looking for funding old & new projects:


  • Torontonians a new project of life-size portraits on canvas for industrial and construction workers of Toronto, has seen the light of day. Awarded funding with The RBC Art access Fund, by The Toronto Arts Foundation.

Photos: workers at Broadview Avenue.

IMG_5452 IMG_5449 IMG_5445 IMG_5442












Aesthetic and references for Torontonians project, Cuba 2006-2011.

Hero of the Revolution  Herencia azul. IMG_4392 copy copyBajo custodia. 2011. 100 x 150cm. charcoal, acrylic, collage on canvas



  • Pinocchio or Sawdust (an old project that I really want to continue)

"From the New Pinocchio", 2002. Cuba Pinocchio, deatil. 2002 "From the New Pinocchio", 2002. Cuba



Recent Work

A sculpture project: Resistance or “Elegua”

Recently I was able to fulfill my dream of creating a life-size sculpture. The sculpture was exhibited at Arta Gallery, in the Distillery District, from July 9th until July 28th, at the same time of the Toronto Pan Am Games.

Following my aesthetic and technique in my sculptures I worked in this, my new and Canadian project that it represents a gymnastics athlete in the Maltese cross position, in the rings discipline. It is made of copper and Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) wire, entirely made by hand, 1050 meters weaved.

Weight: 57 lbs approximately; Size: 214 cm(7′, 84″) x 143 cm (56″) x 33 cm (13″)



                                                                                                                      180° video of the piece at Arta Gallery.





Boc 2   Viewer's perspective copy

Muscles details & sketches for execution.

Boc 0Boc 1Boc 3


Process & progress.

IMG_0112 IMG_0128

IMG_0569 copy IMG_0899 IMG_1102 IMG_1209 copy



IMG_2599 IMG_2615 IMG_2609 IMG_2600 IMG_2603

IMG_2930 IMG_2927 IMG_2928 IMG_2945 IMG_2998

IMG_3032 IMG_3052        IMG_3088 IMG_3090

As part of the process of making the sculpture, I needed to photograph athletes performing the Maltese cross. Fortunately I was able to photo-shoot several gymnasts at the Toronto Gymnastics International Club.

My gratitude to Greg Jackson, who is the Program Coordinator of the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics of Gymnastics Ontario and to Norm Loader, the Head Men’s Coach of Toronto Gymnastics International. A special thanks to the gymnasts: Andriy Tryguba; Jhon Philip (J.P.) Chua; Rodrigo Gallareta; Aaron Macritchie; Jeremy Bartholomeusz; and Nicholas Mallia.
Below I present a few of the pictures. The areas of interest are highlighted in some of them.

1 copy 3 copy 6 copy    7 copy IMG_1021    IMG_0993IMG_1044 IMG_1051





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  1. Simply awesome work Alejandro!!! I love it. Congrats to you!!!

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