Photography is other of the arts fields that I explored and where made studies. It has been the support of all my drawings and paintings. Beyond that, I love it because it’s powerful. Let me capture instants in peoples’ life and our world; it’s a great tool for documentation, and for the tasty challenge of composite and capture, what in seconds the eye is capable of.

  • Black & White. Film and Digital.

img0014 100_6118  img0019

  • Many‘s Project

img0038 Caminatadel 1º. 2. 2009. Habana Vieja 1º de mayo del 2005

  • Portraits (for later drawings & paintings). Film and Digital.


img0021 img0003 (2)

  • Havana’s Aberrations & Landscapes. Film and Digital.


img0003  img0016  img0023 img0027

100_2New Cuban Flag Police TV serials (8) copy

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