Toronto, Canada. 2014-2017

2017       Set Dresser. IATSE 873, Member.

  • Suits TV Series, Season 7. GEP Suits B Inc./NBC Universal Inc. Show call.
  • Imposters TV Series, Season 2. GEP Impposters Inc/NBC Universal. 3 Calls.
  • Angry Angel, MOW, Idaho Productions Ltd. 3 Calls.
  • Starter, Feature. Sample Productions Canada Inc. 1 Call.
  • Strain TV Series, Season 4. Strain Can IV Productions Inc. 3 Calls. Set Dresser.
  • Killjoys TV Series, Season 3. Season III Productions Ltd. 2 Calls, Set Dresser.
  • Salvation, TV Series, Season 1. CBS/ Mayday Productions Inc.  2 Calls, Set Dresser.
  • Designated Survivor, TV Series, Season 1. Designated 1 Ltd.  1 Call, Set Dresser.
  • Shadow Hunters, TV Series, Season 2. Princessa Productions Ltd.  1 Call, Set Dresser.
  • The Machine, TV Series, Pilot. Universal Cable Productions.  1 Call, Props person.

2016      Set Dresser, Props and greens person as a permittee at IATSE 873

  • Suits TV Series, Season 6. GEP Suits Inc. 36 Calls, Set Dresser.
  •  American Gods . TV Series, Season 1. Bedford Production Inc. 15 Calls Set Dresser, 3 Calls as On-set Dresser and 1 Call Greens person.
  • Alias Grace Mini Series, Halfire Entertainment. 1 call, Set Dresser.
  • Green Harvest (Star Treck) TV Series, Streak Productions Inc. / CBS. 4 Calls, Set Dresser.
  • Issues Pilot TV Series, GEP Issues Inc.  1 call, Set Dresser.
  • People of Earth TV Series, Slanted Films. 1 Call, Set Dresser.
  • Flatliners Feature, Arcader Productions Ltd./Sony. 2 Calls Set Dresser, 1 Cal On-Set Dresser
  • Designated Survivor TV Series, Season 1. Designated 1 Ltd. 2 Calls Set Dresser and On-Set Dresser
  •  IT Feature,  Third Act Productions Inc./Warner Bros. 2 Calls, Set Dresser.
  • Reign Tv Series, Season 4. Reign IV Productions Inc. 2 Calls, Set Dresser and Props person
  • Taken TV Series, Season 1. Europacorp TV USA/NBC. 2 Calls, Set Dresser
  • American Gothic TV Series AG Films Canada Inc. # Calls Greens person.
  • The Expanse TV Series, Season 2. Expanding Universe Productions 2 Ltd. 2 Calls, Set dresser
  • xXx 3: The Return Of Xander Cage Feature. One Race Films/Revolution Studios. 1 Call Set Dresser
  • Conviction TV Series, Pilot. ABC/ Eone/ Mark Gordon Company. 2 Calls, Set Dresser.
  • The Strain TV Series, Season 3. Strain Can II Productions Inc. 1 Call, Set Dresser.
  • Recon TV Series, Season 1. Recon Films, Division of WBTV Canada Production Services Inc. Particular Skills Prods CN Inc. 1 Call, Set Dresser.
  • Killjoys TV series, Season 2. Mendacity Pictures. 2 Calls, Set Dresser and Props Person.

Art Director, Set Decorator, Property Master

  • The Holdout, short film. Director Javier Augusto.

2015       Set Dresser, Props as a permittee at IATSE 873:

  • Defiance Season 3, GEP Productions Inc. 1 Call
  • Suits Season 5, GEP SUITS Inc. 2 Calls
  • Bravo 14 (Suicide Squad), Jellystone Films Inc. 1 Call
  • The Girlfriend Experience Season 1, Premiere Motion Picture Corporation. 1 Call
  • The Beauty and the Beast Season 4, BATB IV Productions Inc. 4 Calls
  • Heroes Reborn Season 1, GEP Heroes Reborn Inc. 3 Calls.
  • 11/22/63, Portal Films. 2 Calls.

2014     Art Director, Set Decorator, Property Master

  • Bro Binny, short film. Director: Nick Asha

Havana, Cuba. November 2008-July 2012

2012       Production Designer, Co-Director.

  • Police TV series Tras la Huella (On the Track)
  •                Film Studies at the Higher Institute of Police Sciences of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Director: Silvio Hernandez-Labory. PM: Julio C. Ginarte
  • Episode: Estafa (Scam).
  • Episode: Huella Imborrable (Indeleble Mark).

2011       Production Designer, Co-Director.

  • Police TV series Tras la Huella (On the Track)
  •                Film Studies at the Higher Institute of Police Sciences of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Director: Silvio Hernandez-Labory. PM: Julio C. Ginarte
  • Episodes: Ultimo aviso I y II (Last Warning I & II).
  • Episode: Obsesion (Obsession).
  • Episode Tomografo (Tomograph).

2011      Production Designer/Art Director, Set Decorator, Property Master.

  • Medium-length film Exit, Nicanor’s   Tales, Director: Eduardo Del Llano. PM: Ricardo Figueredo.

2010       Assistant Art Director, Set Decorator, Props Person.

  • Memory of the Rain (35 mm).
  •                 International School of Film and TV (EICTV) San Antonio De   Los Baños.
  •                 Director: Enrique Medrano. PM: Miguel Gonzales.

2009       Assistant Art Director, Set Decorator, Props Person.

  • Brainstorm, Nicanor’s Tales, Director: Eduardo del Llano. PM: Ricardo Figueredo.


Solo Exhibitions

  • On duty co-existences, Provincial Center of Visual Arts and Design Light and Crafts, Havana, Cuba. 2006
  • Prologue, Simon Bolivar Museum, Havana, Cuba. 2004

Group Exhibitions

  • REversion, Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto Canada. April 2016
  • Art4Ball, Thompson Hotel, NBA All stars 2016, Toronto, Canada. 2016
  • Power, Arta Gallery, Toronto, Canada. July (Pan Am Games). 2015
  • Abre tus ojos, Latin-American Art Exhibition, opening ceremony of the Hispanic Heritage Month 2014, Toronto City Hall. Canada. 2014
  • Light and Color, Arta Gallery, Toronto, Canada. 2013
  • Painting in the Prado Avenue, Community Art Fair Project, Havana, Cuba. 2005-2011
  • Group Therapy, Gallery Fayad Jamis, Havana, Cuba. 2008
  • Small format Salon, L Gallery, Havana, Cuba. 2006
  • Waldo Luis Rodriguez  Arts Salon,  Pabellon Cuba Center, Havana, Cuba. 2005
  • Playa Salon, Servando Cabrera Gallery, Havana, Cuba. 2005
  • V Installation Salon Juan F. Elso Padilla, Mariano Rodriguez Gallery, Havana, Cuba. 2005
  • Identity Proyect of the artist Toril Bonassen, made in Havana Cuba, to exhibit in Norway. 2005
  • Making-off, Pabellon Cuba Center, Havana, Cuba. 2004
  • Hemingway in Cuba contest, Ambos Mundos Hotel, (mention), Havana, Cuba. 2004
  • IV Installation Salon Juan Francisco Elso Padilla, Mariano Rodriguez Gallery. 2004
  • La vuelta del Sargento Pimienta, Itinerant exhibitions for 13 gallerys, Havana, Cuba. 2003-2004
  • Forms,Silver Museum, Havana, Cuba. 2003
  • Re-encounter, Decorative Fine Arts Museum, collateral with the VIII Havana Biennial, Cuba. 2003
  • Habana 1791 perfumery, Havana, Cuba. 2003
  • Tradition and Modernity, ACAA exhibition, Plate Museum, Havana, Cuba. 2002
  • My Habana Street, Community Art project, Havana, Cuba. 2002
  • IX biennal Domingo Ravenet, Domingo Ravenet gallery, Havana, Cuba. 2002

Awards & Talks

  • Leslie Hewitt’s exhibition Collective Stance at The Power Plant. Toronto. 2016 Talk
  • The RBC Arts Access Fund. 2015. Award
  • Giving Tuesday Dec 1st 2015. Toronto Arts Foundation & Cieslok Media. Talk




Set & Costume and Props Designer, Theatre Company Teatro de la Luna, Havana, Cuba. Oct. 2006-April 2013

  • Designed and built props, sets, scenography elements and costumes for 7 plays.
  • Co-produced and supervised 2 theatre productions at the Cuban Stage’s Productions Company.
  • Worked as the Staging Producer for several Theater performances in Cuba, and also in Germany and Brazil.

Set Design and realization, Red Bull Music Academy Call, Havana, Cuba. 2011

  • Co-designed and built the stage for this event

Prop man and scenic painter, Cuban Company of Stage Production, Havana, Cuba. Sept 2001-April 2002

  • As a Prop man and scenic painter I worked in many productions such as plays, and some presentations of important Companies in Commercial International events and Festivals such as TecnoAzucar Company in the Havana’s International Fair of 2001.

Others professional experiences

Conservator-Restorer, Cabinet of Art Restoration-Office of the City Historian, Havana, Cuba. April 2002-January 2005

  • Restored modern metal art pieces that are part of Havana’s City Art Patrimony such as: small and large sculptures and monuments, antique lamps, jewels, historic relics, antique fire-weapons, swords, cannons and others.



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