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IMG_3897 copyMy art comes from my rooted perception of what I believe Art and Artists are. Art is mimesis in the most delicate and exquisite way, both meaningfully and aesthetically, with a brittle bound that once transgressed loses its nature. Artists are those sensible people, regardless of artistic expressions, capable of capturing and recreating for others life in a genuine manner. So then, Art is for some to create, communicate, and for many to please.

I have always been fascinated by the individuality and playful anonymity, by how each person is a whole world that when interacting with others creates a vast universe. Captivated by what a person might have been, done, experienced or will do or be, I was led to believe in the power of strangers and the unknown.

Many concepts, media, and materials fit my necessities. Some arrived by accident, others were pursued, and a few, were impressed on me by artists I admire. An example of the latter is my metal crafts professor who shocked me with one of his works, so deeply that I haven’t stopped weaving wire since.

This technique that I use for my sculptures amuses me with its possibilities of playing with space (especially the one created by its emptiness), strength, and the two-dimensional illusion created when seeing from certain angles and ambiences. The themes usually develop from personal states, and as every sculptor I enjoy the challenge of making balance and movement coexist.

My paintings and drawings illustrate that passion for individuality. Using different media and collage, I worked to portray my hometown people’ lives and their subjectivities. Also the collage technique took me to explore my own version of illustration.

My conceptual Art and Photography served the purpose of exploring my other needs and engaging in experimentation throughout my career, allowing me to develop and materialize solid concepts and other projects which remain dormant until the proper conditions develop.



I was born in the revolutionary Havana of 1982 into what was perceived as a prosperous and fair society, which soon after the Berlin wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed, turned into a desperate and fierce version of itself that is still struggling to survive. I grew up in such context, which pushed me to document through arts, what I was witnessing.

As an autodidact, I produced almost all of my art and defined the concepts, styles and aesthetics that would remain pure through my university years at the University of Arts In Havana. I took before the university a few workshops and courses in many areas like Contemporary Art, Photography and Drawing. Also my others professional experiences have influenced my art-work. I’ve worked sculpture, paints and drawings, installation, photography and conceptual art.

Also at the time of getting into the University of Arts, I was working for Theatre as a props man. While studying I kept my position at the Theatre and also co-Design Set and Costume, and design and built Props, accumulating a total of 7 years of experience. Likewise, I began my career as Art Director and Set Decorator for five years and counting, reaching also positions like Production Designer and Co-Director for TV.

I graduated from the Cuban University of Arts in 2012, and in 2013 I moved to Toronto Canada, where I am working to resume my career in the Visual Arts as well as in the Film & TV Industries.

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