Film-TV Industries & Theatre


All the experience through my professional career has its base on optimal results made with low budgets. I have learned all in the best way. With five years in TV and film industries, I started from a Set Decorator, Art Director Assistant  to an Art Director/Production Designer and Co-director.


Memory of the Rain.

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      Art Direction/Production Designer                                                                         Set Decoration                                                                                           Graphic/Drafts

     100_4107                                                 Memory of the Rain.                                            _DSC2552 copia 3


Theatre is the foundation of storytelling. I derive great satisfaction from designing sets, characters and costumes.  The experience I had working as a theater-technician building props has proven useful to the work I do as a Set and Production Designer. These are not disjointed activities– one deals with the beginning and one with the end of a unifying process. Having accumulated experience in both, I and my work have reached a level of wholesomeness not possible otherwise.


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Behind the Curtain